About Buy It Installed, Inc.

Push a Button. Get it Installed™. More than 30 years ago, a young Todd Banhidy was installing blinds in Long Beach, California. From that beginning, he imagined a much better solution to service and installation in Consumer homes. A pivotal moment came when he received a call from his Sister. Their Mom had purchased a Product from his company and asked that he "pull some strings" to make sure that her installation went exceptionally well. Todd decided that he did not need to do anything at all. The next time he saw his Mom she gave him a gigantic mom hug. The guys who showed up were extremely polite, knew her name, knew exactly how to install the Product, then showed her how to use it, left her house spotless, and could not have been more professional or made her feel more at ease. Todd blushed. He had completely forgotten about his Mom's installation. Todd realized he built a system that made every Consumer feel deeply affirmed. With Buy It Installed®, Todd found a way to deliver that seamless installation offering to all Retailers. Today, as the company grows, it is guided by a passionate team and its founding vision and principles.

Buy It Installed, Inc. Vision: To engineer deeply affirmational experiences, at unlimited scale, for all people in the Buy It Installed® EcoSystem, through advancements in artificial empathy, with one click simplicity.

Affirmational Experiences: By managing the installation process, we have the privilege to design the experience flow for the Consumer and every other stakeholder. Our goal is for everyone to feel deeply acknowledged during every stage of the installation process. The end-result is a Consumer who feels that they were treated as if they were super special.

Artificial Empathy: At the heart of our system is a proprietary form of artificial intelligence, known as artificial empathy. We are leaders in developing this technology to accurately and appropriately detect and respond to human emotions. By enabling the Buy It Installed® and Craftsman Republic® Products with artificial empathy, we are able to anticipate where problems might occur, fix them ahead of time, and ensure that the persons touched by our brands remain exceptionally satisfied with their experiences.

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